...it’s about sharing and caring

The Company

KOKOON GLOBAL INC was founded in Delaware USA.

Living and breathing world’s best practice through transparency of management, procedural respect and operational integrity, KOKOON aims to become the number 1 service provider in the MEDICAL TOURISM MARKET and be the international destination of choice in the SPORTS MEDICINE MARKET for specialized sports injury recovery with particular focus on the soccer industry.

Leading by example, we are driven to inspire in our staff and in our guests the very same standards of integrity, honor and respect to which we ourselves aspire.

In our very DNA is written the code of responsible business operation, and we will ensure transparency in accounting and management throughout all our operations.Our staff will be paid proper living wages that give them and their families a good quality of life, not just an existence and KOKOON will have reward programs designed to empower and incentivize our staff to be their best and participate actively in our fun and progressive family.

Fundamentally, our approach to running our business prioritizes our staff first, then the clients. Happy staff who feel valued create positive energy, and with more than satisfied clients, KOKOON shares will perform stupendously for our shareholders.To be the best player, at whatever cost it takes, KOKOON will do it right and under no circumstances will we allow our status as the best to be compromised by taking the cheap and easy way out.

Bold as that may sound, on a bigger scale KOKOON strives to tackle global issues facing the world right now and play a major part in creating a better future for all. We are investing in practical solutions to address current problems utilizing available technologies. KOKOON will lead with a strong sense of hope and prosecute an immensely positive vision for our collective future and show a way forward by enacting the plans. We want to provide meaning and context for our lives by consistently emphasizing our connectedness to each other and to our wonderful mother, our planet, Earth.

We plan to join forces with other active positive thinkers from all walks of life including government, NGO’s and other institutions, working together to achieve these goals, encouraging everyone to make the most of what they we have at our disposal right now and to strive to be the very best version of ourselves.

KOKOON’s key investors have intriguingly varied backgrounds and professional expertise yet they all firmly support this vision. KOKOON will focus on and satisfy every client need, treat our staff with respect, and prosecute the development of the resort in a positive and respectful way. KOKOON will be a business of impeccable integrity, and combined with exemplary corporate governance structures, we are developing an operational model for business that can easily transport the world over as we move forward together to more sustainable future.

KOKOON will produce all it’s own solar power in abundance, desalinate seawater efficiently to satisfy all of it’s operational requirements and then some, and combined with multiple environmental projects, it is our intention that we have a profoundly positive affect on the ecological health of our business footprint and a net positive affect on reducing global carbon emissions.

Through our powerful position in relation to influencing packaging and other inputs to our supply chains, we aim to be a plastic free environment as much as possible from day 1, and responsibly deal with all of our waste issues by integrating recycling systems into our building designs and practices in all our various businesses.

Meeting the demands of the UN’s sustainable development agenda for 2030 is a major priority for the KOKOON board. Essentially it stipulates that a new economic order is needed to reshape multilateralism, and that there is a need to align public investments with climate action. KOKOON believes business can have a profoundly constructive role in achieving these goals through private investments and business operation, and this is a matter of moral necessity for KOKOON.

KOKOON’s business philosophy is completely in line with the Davos Manifesto for 2020 produced by the World Economic Forum, which essentially states that the purpose of a company is ‘to engage all its stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation. In creating such value, a company serves not only its shareholders, but all of its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society at large, and harmonizes the divergent interests of all stakeholders through a shared commitment to policies and decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of a company’.

Kokoon Global

KOKOON’s mission is to become the most trusted and revered player in the Renewable Energy and Health.

The world must move away from burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible. The technology exists right now to allow us to accelerate this transition, and it must be rapid and it must be successful. Years of low Renewable Energy Targets, and political congestion with vested interests from the fossil fuel industry interfering with due process, has yielded a world where every year our carbon emissions climb yet higher, and with C02 at over 400ppm, a concentration that has never occurred in millions of years and never in the lifespan of modern mammals, it is threatening the very existence of humanity itself.


The facts are that the European Union, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, and the insurance industry know that this is not a matter of choice, but one of dire necessity.

K-ENERGY is absolutely certain that our plans will be supported by these important organizations and we intend to begin roll-out in mid 2020.    

The big picture plan and mission of K-ENERGY is to completely eliminate fossil fuels from the energy market.

We need to rapidly decarbonize our world if we are to successfully prevent a 2 degree increase in global temperatures, an increase that appears to be almost certainly locked in to the system from carbon already burnt, and we see tipping points loom ever closer years before they were predicted to be reached. K-ENERGY believes that current targets for renewable energy are well below both what is required and what is achievable and we intend to step up and address that.

The EU has set a Renewable Energy Target (RET) for all member countries to source 32% of their energy from renewables by 2032. Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), has recently stated that the environment would be at the very heart of European monetary policy. Thus, it is the intention of the ECB to essentially underwrite a green revolution in Europe and assist this transformation in the world energy market. This provides an excellent opportunity for a business such as KOKOON to come up with solutions and enact them.

KOKOON’s strategy to achieve this goal begins with the islands in the EU currently relying on fossil fuels, and there are many of them. The fossil fuels burnt in dirty power generators are transported by sea at great expense to these islands and at great risk to the environment. These factors result in excessive insurance costs which are recovered by energy businesses in the sale price of their energy. K-ENERGY eliminates these risks, negates the insurance need and stops the carbon going into the atmosphere. Islands are the perfect starting point for decarbonizing society as they are relatively small scale energy grids and green installations solve a wide range of associated issues.

KOKOON’s plan is to upscale solar power production to satisfy a minimum of 80% of power requirements for any given island territory in the EU, with power generation capacity of every installation sufficient enough to achieve 100% supply. EU member countries are required to source power from renewables if such power is available, and both the EU and governments of member countries look favorably on green energy projects. As we will highly efficient and extremely cost competitive with and low input costs to create our power, it will be sayonara to oil, gas and coal; game over. Too simple to be true right?

The Kokoon Community

Together we are stronger!

Alone I cannot change society for the better,

but I can radically transform my own consciousness,

overturning the conditioning that limits my potential.

We can all do this, one by one.


By implementing this change, we are giving birth to a new way of living:

in fact, manifesting our birthright of living in a peaceful, harmonious and abundant world.


This is one of the main values for us in the Kokoon Community.  

So what if we give ourselves permission to live a big life...,

and through this choice, step into what we are meant to be?

Because in the end - it's all about sharing and caring!  

The Kokoon Soul and Ethics

All human beings has an unreleased potential.  

In order to unfold our potential as human beings,

we need to build a community that sets this new standard.

Where we see and uplift each other, and where we share and care.


By cooperating as one organism, we will move from

I AM consciousness, to WE ARE consciousness.

We will create a sustainable community where everybody,

including employees and guests will thrive.  


As a guest and employee,

we will have the opportunity to realize the very best of our potential,

in a high conscious and nurturing community.

Every person will be able to climb on their consciousness ladder –

and be supported along the way.  


This is the new way of living, and the most profitable way of doing business.