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The incredible impact of digital in the fields of art and entertainment is as revolutionary as sending the world’s population to the moon and back via a magic portal. In the last 30 years all media has dramatically changed and continues to do so rapidly. Print, film, video, music, photography, painted art, visual art, video art, sound, both in creation, distribution and consumption is unrecognizable from what it was even 10 years ago as technological advances impact on and are embraced enthusiastically by this amazingly vibrant and volatile industry.

The arts have always been a harsh lover to the creators, and the rewards just stale breadcrumbs in the wind. Legislation, funding, and copyright law, are in a perpetual state of catch-up. KOKOON’s ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT division acknowledges the fluid nature of this complex industry, embraces change, and wants to address these issues with particular emphasis on the artists.

At its core, KAE is focused on the artist and intellectual property creation and ownership, and seeks to connect the creators with their ever changing markets and give them fair remuneration for their works. Ultimately, we intend KAE to be the ’go-to’ place for artists.

The KAE FACILITIES will consist of:

1. Music recording and production suites

2. VR, Gaming and other technologies suites

3. Unreal Engine based VIRTUAL STUDIO for filming and other image capture systems

4. Complete film and other media production services

5. Production arm for script to screen development

6. Creative spaces for artists for art creation and networking

7. Theatrical and music performance facilitation arm for the many anticipated ‘shows’ that will be scheduled in and around the KOKOON resort

8. And importantly, a finance division to incentivize the creation of art in all its glorious forms.

With 2 * 7 STAR LUXURY HOTELS and a LUXURY SURGICAL CENTRE as venues that need to be artistically curated and kept fresh and fluid themselves, KOKOON has a huge demand for contemporary art and tailored content in new and exciting formats. Our clientele are the very people targeted by art dealers and galleries worldwide who have an interest in and can afford to purchase these and other types of unique works, and KOKOON has a need to stimulate the curiosity of our clientele, to pique their interest, to excite their senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, and thinking. It’s a good match of needs and the capacity to meet expectations.

KOKOON will be right at the top of destinations globally for contemporary art viewing and purchase, a place of ideas and newness, and we look forward to the creative collaborations to come in this exciting venture.  


Government alone cannot be effective to address climate change and wealth inequality, and KOKOON is part of a new wave of businesses that will emerge quickly. Far from falling for the contemporary malaise that it’s all too late and too hard to do anything, for KOKOON, with our multiple projects to be announced in the coming months, this is just the beginning of an incredibly bright, more sustainable, fairer and more meaningful future.KOKOON board, December 2019.

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