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Why Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria, Spain, has a unique location, and as far as we’re concerned, it's the center of the world.


All the following locations are within a 5 hour flight time from Gran Canaria:



New York, Washington D.C., Florida.


South America:

Natal, Salvador, Barbados.



Liberia, Nigeria, Morocco.



Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Manchester, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Nice, Cannes, Porto, Lisbon, Milan, Venice, Athens, Antalya, Budapest, Zürich, Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, ...


The climate is extremely favorable in the Canary Islands; the days are long and sunny with mild temperatures variations and the thermometer registers mostly between 19ºC and 24ºC on average all year round due to the presence of the trade winds and the thermal inversion that they generate. There are very few cloud formations and rain is scarce. It’s a stable climate, just add water; perfect.

Biosphere Reserve

Unesco declared the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve in June 2005 and this massive area covers most of the southwest part of Gran Canaria including La Aldea de San Nicolás. The purpose of these reserves is to preserve and maintain a balance between the natural resources and the biodiversity of the area, the people, their cultural heritage and future socio-economic development.


KOKOON believes that Gran Canaria offers a unique opportunity to stimulate the rational use of the island’s biodiversity in both terrestrial and marine environments. This will directly benefit the local population.


The site we have acquired has several large denuded areas that appear to act as open rubbish tips crying out for rehabilitation. Through close and empathetic engagement with the community, and by working with local elders respectfully, KOKOON’s plans include irrigating the surrounding lands for agricultural use, supply of clean drinking water, reversing environmental degradation through rehabilitation, and building safe habitats for indigenous species including migratory bird and marine life. KOKOON will provide many training and employment opportunities throughout the scope of our projects, assisting in local education and generally providing support for the community wherever we can.


KOKOON clearly sees that the betterment of, and successful close engagement with the local community will be mutually beneficial, and position KOKOON as a trustworthy employer.

Why Kokoon La Aldea

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In Los Caserones, a rich collection of pre-hispanic mud and stone symbol paintings and figures were found that now reside in the Canarian Museum in Las Palmas, often referred to as “the most important living museum in Europe”. At these museums one can see that behind the bright colors, music and art, lies an enormous struggle for survival by the indigenous people; they lived through many years of isolation and hardship, and this resilience of character is very palpable today.


KOKOON will be paying close attention to the significant architectural heritage of the indigenous people as well as to other designs, and ensure there is a respectfully thematic link to the cultural heritage of the area and the community carried in the design of the overall project.

La Aldea de San Nicolás is the most secluded town in Gran Canaria, and the people are authentically welcoming and friendly. The area still has an attractive mosaic of small settlements and terraced crops, and the locals maintain a strong cultural tradition in spite of everything they’ve endured over the years.


It covers an area of 139 square kilometers, from the coast to the interior of the island, and the town rests 340 meters above sea-level. It is bordered on its northern and eastern limits by sheer cliffs and gullies, and it stretches from north to south in a coastal fringe of 33 kilometers.


It is an irregular wonderland of often high peaks jutting stridently from the subtropical semi-arid volcanic landscape. These mountains are the southern extension of the beautiful protected lands that extend along the coast to the north. To the south, a rocky coast of striking beauty is lined with black sand beaches and small coves that correspond to the mouths of gullies and gorges that wind spectacularly down through the virtually untouched landscape.


The majority of the beaches, which include Tasarte and Tasartico, and the beaches of Güi Güi, have few visitors and are preserved very much intact.


Playa de la Aldea is the main beach of La Aldea, and every single room in our dual 7 STAR LUXURY HOTEL RESORT has clear views of it.

La Aldea de San Nicolás


A stroll through the picturesque town of La Aldea de San Nicolás is a relaxing experience. Colorful stone and mud houses of the 17th Century right through to balcony houses of the 18th Century line these quiet streets. The colors are vibrant, and high contrasts of whites, greens, blues and browns stimulate your vision.


There are thirteen museums in the area, among them The Gofio Mill, the tomato packaging factory, the little food shop, the orchard allotment with its well, the peasant’s house with its cheese making facility, and the bread oven and the maize toaster for making gofio.  

La Aldea de San Nicolás

Agriculture and cuisine

Bananas, mangoes, and avocados are plentiful, and the cultivation of crops in the air, known as Aeroponic farming, produces many tonnes of tomatoes and aubergines annually. There are local goats and a cattle dairy and that provide milk to make lovely cheeses.


The typical Aldean menu is fresh and healthy. Salads with tomatoes and a local cured tangy cheese for starters accompanied by a plate of soft goats cheese served with a few olives, completed with some fresh fish, fried or boiled in a simmering broth, topped off with some roasted gofio maize meal, and perhaps some lightly fried local calamari with a squeeze of local lemons.....yum!

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Kokoon Gran Canaria

KOKOON Gran Canaria is to become the most trusted and revered player in the MEDICAL TOURISM sector, operating the world’s first combined LUXURY SURGICAL CENTRE and dual 7 STAR LUXURY HOTEL RESORT, operating 100% on green energy from day 1.


This ultra-exclusive resort, KOKOON LA ALDEA, will be nestled between 2 spectacular mountain ranges on the mid-western coastline of Gran Canaria, Spain, and command unimpeded views down the valley to the beach, right out across the Atlantic Ocean.


KOKOON LA ALDEA will be beyond comparison on every measurable level and we absolutely intend to maintain that status far into the future. The RESORT will feature luxury rooms, first class dining, land-based coral reefs, hot springs, beautiful swimming pools, a Wellness Center which includes advanced technology in combination with natural and traditional  treatment methods, full service spas, an ultra-modern multi-sports facility, and the most attentive and respectful, impeccable service.


The big picture begins with a comprehensive LUXURY SURGICAL CENTRE that co-exists alongside the luxurious dual 7 STAR LUXURY HOTEL RESORT, accompanying The Wellness Center. KOKOON LA ALDEA will be a one-stop destination where clients can access the best and most trusted surgeons and doctors of all derivations available in the business globally. This facility will be a much needed "game-changer" in the field of medical treatment and client care.


The SURGICAL CENTRE will consist of multi-disciplinary surgical suites and consultation rooms, operating theaters, diagnostic imaging and full STEM CELL SERVICES. It will have the best of the very best of everything.


With almost infinitely tailorable environments achievable through artistically designed and sensitive use of aural, visual, and other sensory technologies, we will create environments that nurture our clientele individually through every stage of their experience with us. Our clients can expect their recovery from surgery to be as swift and as pleasurable as they could ever possibly hope for. Combined with our comprehensive fully client-focused pre and post-operative care and Wellness Center program, the KOKOON SURGICAL CENTRE will be a ‘one of a kind’ destination.


KOKOON views each client as unique. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are all taken into account in the development of our pre and post-operative care, and wellness  plans.

KOKOON’s program is one where eastern and western medicine work hand-in-hand, so the client can be assisted to unlock naturally imprinted resources and potential.

KOKOON practitioners will assist the clients to understand and access their inner strength, and from here go beyond limitations that once where there, to find themselves in a new and expanded version, from where peak performance can occur.  


The vast scope of the project will employ approximately 11,000 people and will massively stimulate the local economy through employment opportunities and increasing demand for local  products. Farmers, retailers and locals of La Aldea de San Nicolás will receive the much needed economic boost they’ve been waiting for.


We will oversee a more equal distribution of income throughout our businesses. We will look after our staff and the local community and we expect that this collective positive energy will translate into the vibe of the whole area, ultimately benefiting our clients and everyone else.


This approach aligns with the community of KOKOON whereby we work within existing technologies to move forward towards a fairer, more equitable and sustainable future collectively. With the capacity to change and adapt to new circumstances as they present themselves, KOKOON seeks to set an example and a pathway forward.

Kokoon for Peace - facilitating real and lasting peace.

Every human being has an unreleased potential and should have the option to thrive in a world of peace. One of Kokoon’s main values is to facilitate peace all over the world, through negotiation based on heart as well as mind.


The Kokoon Resort will consist of two 7-star luxury hotels, and provides the perfect basis for dialogue:

- it is central, situated in the eye of the Western hemisphere, reachable from both the Americas and the Middle East within 5-6 hours

- the anonymity, created so that all kinds of celebrities can recover out of sight from curious gazes and lenses

- G8 level security

- the luxury and pleasure, which leads to peace of mind and the desire for even more peace

- the environmental focus, which provides the visitors with a favorable image

- a Garden of Eden connected to the sun and sea

This is the perfect, sustainable environment for regaining balance and heal on all levels. Can you imagine any environment more suited for creating peace?


There are so many of us, both on the ground level as well as heads of state or CEOs, that have good intentions and really want to contribute to a better world. The entire world is currently balancing on a knife edge, where nuclear weapons almost "flow freely", where water shortage will trigger lots of fights, where the refugee crisis still is on the rise, and where there are numerous armed conflicts. This can be changed, in today’s world that has better technology and means of communication than ever!


At Kokoon we give support to finding peace on the individual level. The food and water is highly sustainable, healthcare is high-end and holistic, and the surroundings are stunning.


What guest doesn’t want to continue this peaceful state of mind and facilitate peace?

Kokoon’s mediators facilitate in finding solutions and ways of cooperation. Thus the parties in conflict can direct their resources to common goals and development, rather than burning enormous amounts of money on lawyers or weapons, risk thousands of war mortalities, or wasting development opportunities caused by lack of infrastructure.


We tailor a team of facilitators for the conflict and parties at task, whoever can contribute with new angles. We make an effort to discovering any underlying themes - often there are quite different things that motivate the parties for conflict from what appears on the surface.


Our approach safeguards the whole picture as well as each party’s needs, securing a lasting, solid agreement, instead of making short victories shown in a glamorous handshake.


Kokoon for Peace - facilitating real and lasting peace.

Kokoon's Green Project

The entire Resort will be 99% green and 100% carbon neutral and utilize very latest available technologies to ensure low-usage/high-efficiency in consumption of water, power and other utilities. This will attract eco-aware clientele and minimize the Resorts running costs.

Fresh water will come from our own desalination plant, which will convert salt water into drinking water.Our own Solar power plant will generate 100% of our electricity requirements, and we aim to have the capacity to produce much more than we need.

Gran Canaria Power Generation and Consumption

Spain has recently stated a target of being carbon neutral by 2050. In Gran Canaria, only 12-20% of power is currently produced by renewables mostly from solar’s sister, wind depending on conditions. A whopping 85% of Gran Canaria’s power is produced by burning oil (the most carbon intensive at 650gC02 eq/kWh) and gas (490gC02 eq/kWh). Between 9am and 10pm the carbon intensity sits around the 525-560gC02 eq/kWh.

Consumption of electricity averages between 370MW and 435MW, peaking above 500MW in the evening and minimums usage levels of about 290MW early in the morning.

Additional capacity must be factored into supply and is required for emergencies and to accommodate future growth of power consumption. K-ENERGY is scaling up to 600MW capacity storage (batteries storage capacity) and potential 1GW generational capacity as the sun is shining (solar panels output capacity). Batteries charge to 100% in approximately 7 hours.

Gran Canaria Additional Information

There are 860,000 residents in Grand Canaria and approximately 4.5 million tourists annually averaging 8 days on the island.

The La Luz Port of Las Palmas is a the most important port in the Mid-Atlantic, the main connection point for shipping between Europe, Africa and America as massive cargo ships off-load cargo for vessels on route to specific ports throughout Europe. It is referred to as the ‘Atlantics fueling station’ and at maximum capacity due to its high volume of work servicing the needs of over 100 oil rigs that work in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of mid-west Africa, including repair work for these vessels.

Las Palmas Airport is a high user of power and requires a redundancy system in case the main grid fails. Therefore it runs its own generators 24/7 as backup.

K-ENERGY will provide the airport a direct link and a dedicated supply with full redundancy built in.