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Kokoon’s Luxury Surgical Center

The incredible location of the KOKOON SURGICAL CENTRE, paired with both our luxurious dual-hotel complex and our comprehensive recovery programs, will provide an environment in which patients can heal fast. It will be a one-stop destination in the market and we expect to have no shortage of clients.

Specifically the KOKOON SURGICAL CENTRE will focus on 4 groups of clients in the lucrative MEDICAL TOURISM MARKET:

1. The first group consists of clients who are not sick but seek improvements to their appearance most commonly through eye surgery, dental surgery and body sculpting. Cost is irrelevant to this group as these people typically come from a very wealthy demographic. These clients seek out the best in the business and KOKOON has them. Additionally, there is significant demand among the middle class worldwide for these high value services.

2. The second group consists of ELITE ATHLETES who have suffered an injury on the field. Ripped muscles, torn ligaments, broken bones, and knee and ankle injuries are extremely common. Typically these injuries are considered emergencies and are treated straight away at the location where they happened. But swift recovery and rehabilitation to match-fit status is the key for both the players and the clubs that employ them at great expense. The clients nutrition and vitamin regime is important, and complimentary remedies such as physiotherapy and massage work together to accelerate the healing of these high performance individuals. For about 90% of athletes, the psychological impact of being injured and off the field is a huge factor and can significantly affect the speed of their recovery. Meditation and counseling, as well as the environment in which the healing takes place all play a part in the patient’s rehabilitation. KOKOON’s program is one where both MAINSTREAM MEDICINE and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE work hand-in-hand.

3. The third group are clients of insurance companies who require surgical procedures. KOKOON will be partnering with these insurance companies to provide discounted health services. The client gets the added benefit of an unforgettable experience and a luxurious environment in which to get better quickly.

4. These LUXURY HEALTH SERVICES are of significant interest to the fourth group of clients which include other high performance individuals in business and in entertainment, such as musicians, film and television actors, public speakers, and others.

This modern SURGICAL CENTRE will consist of multi-disciplinary surgical suites and consultation rooms, operating theaters, diagnostic imaging and full Stem Cell Services. Combined with our recovery programs and fully client focussed respectful care provided throughout all operational procedures, the KOKOON SURGICAL CENTRE will be a ‘one-of-a-kind’ destination.

With almost infinitely tailorable environments achievable through artistically designed and sensitive use of aural, visual, and other sensory technologies, we will create environments that nurture our clientele individually through every stage of their experience with us.

Nurses trained to the highest standards are critical in delivering the necessary support to doctors, surgeons and patients alike. The process of finding the right people is well underway.

Significantly, KOKOON is in a highly unique position to be a leader in the SPORTS MEDICINE market due to long standing and ongoing relationships KOKOON directors have with leading global sports teams.

Key clinical service lines of the KOKOON SURGICAL CENTRE will include:

1. Ophthalmology

2. Body Sculpting

3. Stem Cell Treatments

4. Sports Medicine & Pain Management

5. General Surgery

6. Radiology

7. Urology

8. Rheumatology

9. Obstetrics

10. Gynecology

11. Dermatology

12. Dentistry & Orthodontics

13. Endocrinology

14. Pediatrics

15. Geriatrics

16. Wellness, Rehabilitation & Nutrition Centre.

Best possible practice of air dynamics and filtering will be in place, and water and waste management systems will be carefully considered in the building design.

The KOKOON SURGICAL CENTRE will be a facility of impeccable cleanliness, be plastic free where possible, our pre and post-operative care unrivaled, and our clients can rest assured that their safety is of paramount importance to us.

KOKOON has already recruited the very best surgeons in the fields of eye surgery, dentistry and body sculpting. These professionals are all unanimous in their enthusiastic support for this highly viable and completely necessary facility.

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