Kokoon’s Hospital

KOKOON´s philosophy is to provide personalized care to each patient throughout the healing process.

The Hospital will consist of a 400-bed acute care hospital with outpatient and inpatient facilities, 40 operating theaters, diagnostic imaging and intensive care units.

Stem Cell Services

The heart of the facility will be centered around a state of the art stem cell services and physical rehabilitation unit.

Services provided here will include personal stem cell storage, surgery and comprehensive sports rehabilitation.

These are luxury health services of high interest to high-performance individuals in business, sports, and other fields.

Modern medicine is now seeing amazing results through stem cell therapy, achieving results faster, stronger outcomes, and in some cases, even having impact on extreme challenges such as paralysis and heart damage.

Stem Cell therapy is of particular interest to the sport industry, when you consider that when an athlete is injured, it is very costly to the sports team. When the athlete is sidelined and productivity is lost, the team suffers and the players highsalaries become a cause for concern. A state of the art health service that supports an athlete being able to return to activity faster and stronger is of high interest and value to sport teams in particular.

KOKOON is in a highly unique position to be a leader in this emerging market due to long-standing relationships Mr. Solli and his team have with leading European sports teams.

Key clinical service lines will include:

1. Stem Cell Treatments

2. Sports Medicine & Pain Management

3. General Surgery

4. Radiology

5. Neurology & Neurosurgery

6. Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery

7. Urology

8. Rheumatology

9. Obstetrics


11.Plastic Surgery



14.Dentistry & Orthodontics




18.Wellness, Rehabilitation & Nutrition Centre

With a deep awareness of the risks of cross-contamination from airborne diseases and other infection transmission systems, best possible practice of air dynamics and filtering, and water and waste management, will be firmly built into thebuilding design.

The KOKOON Hospital will stand out as a place of impeccable cleanliness, and our clients can be confident that their safety is of paramount concern to us.

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