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The European Polo season is May to September due to climactic conditions with many participants generally spend the off-season training in Argentina. There are about 80,000 registered polo professionals in Europe alone, and this group is of great interest to the KOKOON resort both as clients and because of the huge branding and sponsorship potential they offer. The fan base of polo is also typically very financially solid.

KOKOON’s POLO will include:

KOKOON expects the POLO GROUNDS and complimentary services to be of significant interest to this highly affluent group due to very favorable climatic conditions, our proximity to all of Europe, and the quality of both our grounds and complimentary services.

The EUROPEAN POLO CHAMPIONSHIPS occur every 2 years. KOKOON aims to host 12 complimentary tournaments including the KOKOON CUP each and every year. Eventually, KOKOON looks forward to hosting the EUROPEAN POLO CHAMPIONSHIPS at our LA ALDEA POLO GROUNDS.

The world class POLO GROUNDS and Facilities will include:

1. 2 Polo fields

2. Stables

3. Veterinary services

4. Agistment services