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The Project

The KOKOON RESORT will address the needs of an elite clientele who seek relaxation and state-of-the-art technologies in treatment and rehabilitation, in a superbly comfortable and luxurious environment.



1. Specialized Eye Surgery

2. Body Sculpting Clinic

3. Dental Surgery

4. Stem Cell Clinic and Storage

5. Sports Injury Clinic

6. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

7. Health and Nutrition Centre.


The KOKOON RESORT will consist of 2 * 7 STAR LUXURY HOTELS and include:

1. Hotel 1: 205 Suites

2. Hotel 2: 212 Suites

3. G8 level security

4. Land based saltwater lagoon with coral reefs and swimming pools

5. Spa

6. Gymnasium

7. Restaurants

8. Proper Coffee shops

9. Village like area with local stalls

10. Shopping Centre

11. Cinemas

12. VR and Gaming venue

13. Auditorium/Concert Hall/Conference Hall

14. Casino

15. Snooker and Pool rooms

16. Bowling

17. Business Meeting rooms

18. The Old Rum Distillery Bar and Restaurant

19. and, of course, the most amazing Bars.


The SPORTS FACILITIES will include:

1. Soccer fields

2. Rugby fields

3. Cricket grounds

4. Athletic Tracks

5. Tennis Courts and Clubhouse

6. 2 Olympic size Swimming Pools including Diving Centre

7. Bicycle Tracks, specifically mountain and road.

8. 2 Polo Grounds with complimentary services and facilities.

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