Kokoon’s vision is for specially formulated pitches enabling use by football, rugby and cricket teams for pre-season training and mid-season breaks.

The Football training facilities are intended to have three revenue streams:

  1. Training camp for children of parents staying at the resort.
  2. Training facility for teams in countries with mid-winter breaks or for pre-season training.
  3. A part of the rehabilitation process to complement the sports medicine facility.


In addition to the football facilities available at the Kokoon resort, an international football academy will be run in-house by the experienced shareholders in this area.

It is intended that the Football Academy will source talented young footballers from around the globe, with particular focus on South American and African talent.

The Kokoon vision is that the principal revenue stream of the academy will be in selling young players to European clubs. Players will be expected to sign to the academy, enabling Kokoon to benefit from the proceeds of any sales of such players.

Additional Sporting Facilities

Swimming:  Kokoon will have 2 Olympic size swimming pools for performance swimmers as well as an Olympic standard diving pool.

Athletics:  Kokoon will have a professional quality athletics track.

Tennis Club:  Kokoon will have a tennis club open to guests of the resort & also operate as a member’s club to local residents. The details on the surface and number of courts are to be discussed with appropriate operators.