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Life gives us a choice: evolve or remain.

If we choose to remain unchanged

we will be presented with the same challenges, the same routine,

the same storms, the same situations,

until we say «no more», until we choose change.

If we choose to evolve, we will connect with the strength within us,

we will explore what lies outside the comfort zone.

We will awaken to more of the potential that lies within,

and choose the new expanded version of ourselves...

Kokoon Wellness Center

- Nutrition

- Ayurveda

- Quantum medicine

- Acupuncture

- Homeopathy

- Brain Wave Optimization

- Cold therapy

- Network Spinal Analysis

- Osteopathy

- Cranial Osteopathy

- Chiropractic

- Physiotherapy

- Meditation

- Sound healing

- Yoga / Qi gong

- Fitness


Key Service Lines at the Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is the heart and soul in Kokoon, and will assist in bringing the clients to a new level – from where their next peak performance can develop and grow …

Kokoon Wellness practitioners will manage this by working in tune with the energy. The practitioners are highly qualified, and the very best within their field.The blocked energy will be transformed and healed, so the new empowered version of the client will come forth.The clients will be seen in a holistic way, where we look at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual part of the human being. In this way the client will be brought into the new expanded version of themselves.

In order to achieve this, advanced technology in combination with natural and traditional treatment methods will be used.