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The Company

KOKOON’s mission is to become the most trusted and revered player in the MEDICAL TOURISM sector, operating the world’s first combined LUXURY SURGICAL CENTRE and dual 7 STAR LUXURY HOTEL RESORT, operating 100% on green energy from day 1.

This ultra-exclusive resort, KOKOON LA ALDEA, will be nestled between 2 spectacular mountain ranges on the mid-western coastline of Gran Canaria, Spain, and command unimpeded views down the valley to the beach, right out across the Atlantic Ocean.

KOKOON LA ALDEA will be beyond comparison on every measurable level and we absolutely intend to maintain that status far far into the future. The RESORT will feature luxury rooms, first class dining, land-based coral reefs, hot springs, beautiful swimming pools, full service spas, an ultra-modern multi-sports facility, nutritional programs, an entertainment paradise, and the most attentive and respectful, impeccable service.

The big picture begins with a comprehensive LUXURY SURGICAL CENTRE that co-exists alongside the luxurious dual 7 STAR LUXURY HOTEL RESORT, with accompanying multi-sport facilities, nutrition and fitness programs. KOKOON LA ALDEA will be a one-stop destination where patients can access the best and most trusted surgeons and doctors of all derivations available in the business globally. This facility will be a much needed game-changer in the field of medical treatment and client care.

The SURGICAL CENTRE will consist of multi-disciplinary surgical suites and consultation rooms, operating theatres, diagnostic imaging and full STEM CELL SERVICES. It will have the best of the very best of everything.

With almost infinitely tailorable environments achievable through artistically designed and sensitive use of aural, visual, and other sensory technologies, we will create environments that nurture our clientele individually through every stage of their experience with us. Our patients can expect their recovery from surgery to be as swift and as pleasurable as they could ever possibly hope for. Combined with our comprehensive fully client-focussed pre and post-operative care and our nutrition and rehabilitation programs, the KOKOON SURGICAL CENTRE will be a ‘one of a kind’ destination.

KOKOON views each patient as unique, and delivers personalized care tailored individually to each client. Mental health, nutrition, fitness, skeletal strengths and vulnerabilities including dental health and hygiene, are all taken into account in the development of our pre and post-operative care plans.

Key players in KOKOON, importantly in elite sports, nutrition and healing, are expert in the formulation and delivery of programs that can help our clients unlock naturally imprinted resources, and assist them to achieve peak performance.

The ‘wellness’ industry can play a significant and positive role in the larger picture of our clients personal health, and has repeatedly shown beneficial outcomes. KOKOON embraces this paradigm wholeheartedly.

KOKOON will help our clients to understand and access their own inner strength; power that they know is there but have perhaps never really tapped into much or ever, energy that lies in all of us. KOKOON, whilst perhaps being only the starting point for many, aims to help our clients realize and achieve an expanded version of themselves, and will assist the best to achieve their very best.

The vast scope of the project will employ approximately 11,000 people and will massively stimulate the local economy through employment opportunities and increasing demand for local produce. Farmers, retailers and locals of La Aldea de San Nicolás will receive the much needed economic boost they’ve been waiting for.

We will oversee a more equal distribution of income throughout our businesses. We will look after our staff and the community and we expect that this collective positive energy will translate into the vibe of the whole area, ultimately benefiting our clients and everyone else.

This approach aligns KOKOON with current UN POLICY whereby we work within existing technologies to move forward towards a fairer, more equitable and sustainable future collectively. With the capacity to change and adapt to new circumstances as they present themselves, KOKOON seeks to set an example and a pathway forward.

Kokoon' Vision

KOKOON GLOBAL INC was founded in Delaware USA.

Living and breathing world’s best practice through transparency of management, procedural respect and operational integrity, KOKOON aims to become the number 1 service provider in the MEDICAL TOURISM MARKET and be the international destination of choice in the SPORTS MEDICINE MARKET for specialized sports injury recovery with particular focus on the soccer industry.

Leading by example, we are driven to inspire in our staff and in our guests the very same standards of integrity, honor and respect to which we ourselves aspire.

In our very DNA is written the code of responsible business operation, and we will ensure transparency in accounting and management throughout all our operations.Our staff will be paid proper living wages that give them and their families a good quality of life, not just an existence and KOKOON will have reward programs designed to empower and incentivize our staff to be their best and participate actively in our fun and progressive family.

Fundamentally, our approach to running our business prioritizes our staff first, then the clients. Happy staff who feel valued create positive energy, and with more than satisfied clients, KOKOON shares will perform stupendously for our shareholders.To be the best player, at whatever cost it takes, KOKOON will do it right and under no circumstances will we allow our status as the best to be compromised by taking the cheap and easy way out.

Bold as that may sound, on a bigger scale KOKOON strives to tackle global issues facing the world right now and play a major part in creating a better future for all. We are investing in practical solutions to address current problems utilizing available technologies. KOKOON will lead with a strong sense of hope and prosecute an immensely positive vision for our collective future and show a way forward by enacting the plans. We want to provide meaning and context for our lives by consistently emphasizing our connectedness to each other and to our wonderful mother, our planet, Earth.

We plan to join forces with other active positive thinkers from all walks of life including government, NGO’s and other institutions, working together to achieve these goals, encouraging everyone to make the most of what they we have at our disposal right now and to strive to be the very best version of ourselves.

KOKOON’s key investors have intriguingly varied backgrounds and professional expertise yet they all firmly support this vision. KOKOON will focus on and satisfy every client need, treat our staff with respect, and prosecute the development of the resort in a positive and respectful way. KOKOON will be a business of impeccable integrity, and combined with exemplary corporate governance structures, we are developing an operational model for business that can easily transport the world over as we move forward together to more sustainable future.

KOKOON will produce all it’s own solar power in abundance, desalinate seawater efficiently to satisfy all of it’s operational requirements and then some, and combined with multiple environmental projects, it is our intention that we have a profoundly positive affect on the ecological health of our business footprint and a net positive affect on reducing global carbon emissions.

Through our powerful position in relation to influencing packaging and other inputs to our supply chains, we aim to be a plastic free environment as much as possible from day 1, and responsibly deal with all of our waste issues by integrating recycling systems into our building designs and practices in all our various businesses.

Meeting the demands of the UN’s sustainable development agenda for 2030 is a major priority for the KOKOON board. Essentially it stipulates that a new economic order is needed to reshape multilateralism, and that there is a need to align public investments with climate action. KOKOON believes business can have a profoundly constructive role in achieving these goals through private investments and business operation, and this is a matter of moral necessity for KOKOON.

KOKOON’s business philosophy is completely in line with the Davos Manifesto for 2020 produced by the World Economic Forum, which essentially states that the purpose of a company is ‘to engage all its stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation. In creating such value, a company serves not only its shareholders, but all of its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society at large, and harmonizes the divergent interests of all stakeholders through a shared commitment to policies and decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of a company’.