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The Company

Kokoon Global INC was established in the USA in 2015. The company moved its primary focus to Europe and founded Kokoon Global PLC in England in 2022. Kokoon Global PLC will list on the UK Stock Exchange later in 2023. Currently the Company has more than 500 shareholders, and most of them are very significant players in their fields of expertise.

Our mission is to become the most revered player in Clean Energy, Clean Water and Health. Kokoon is a property developer, one which creates the very best facilities, and then, utilising the latest, most efficient technologies, has the worlds best expertise operate those facilities to achieve the very best results.

We are:

• Creating a pathway for low income households to transition to Clean Energy and energy independence with zero upfront cost

• Accelerating the electrification of car transport

• Minimising the cost of energy to households

• Have a strategy to cheaply desalinate water at high volume profitably

• Improving wellbeing and delivering better health care

• Creating jobs and economic prosperity in the process

To date, Kokoon has financed the entire operation through shareholder funds, which has enabled us to be mortgage free and have no debt.

Kokoon has significant property assets in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, where the first of the major Kokoon Clinics is nearing completion, at an estimated total investment of €45 million inclusive of medical equipment. This medical precinct is comprised of three buildings; renovation of the first is complete, with the other 2 currently under construction. We anticipate receiving the licence to operate this facility shortly and we will open for business as soon as possible thereafter.

In Mauritania, in the main street leading to the capital Nouakchott, we have located a brand new 4 storey building for Kokoon’s head office in Africa, adjacent to which will be one of our medical clinics, and have found the location for our fully self-sufficient Health Resort, hotels, mining, factories and more, 100% solar powered and producing abundant clean water through desalination.

Kokoon seeks a robust foundation of respectful engagement with government, landowners and people in all markets in which we operate: our business activities must return as much economic prosperity to local people as possible, both through the payment of proper living wages and by maximising the value-add potential of our products and services locally.

We view this approach as both a fundamental principal of our business and the main driver of raising living standards and education. It is the key to mutual wealth creation and will ultimately be the measure of our long term success.

In our DNA is written the code of responsible business operation, and we will ensure transparency in accounting and management throughout all our operations.

Kokoon is setting a new standard of the highest level of ethics, and by holding that standard and leading by example, we seek to change culture. Our standards underpin and inform our decisions and actions.

Our standards of impeccable integrity and ethics are non-negotiable: we expect the highest standards from everyone in the company.

As we go about our business around the world, navigating different circumstances and ever changing parameters and timelines, we must focus on long term goals. We understand that when doing things that have never been done before, those that are resistant to change will attempt to tarnish reputations, undermine and smear individuals, and make outrageous personal attacks. Kokoon must stand strong in the face of such adversity.

We have clear rules and guidelines, and a code of conduct.

We operate within an iron-clad framework of:

• Abiding by all laws and regulations

• Being fully transparent in all financial transactions

• Being fully respectful of local customs and cultural norms

• Having zero tolerance for any form of corruption either inside or outside the company

• Not engaging in any form of bribery

• Avoiding conflicts of interest

• Providing confidentiality in the reporting of wrongdoing

• Taking care of our waste and operating as a circular system

To be the best player, at whatever cost it takes, Kokoon will do it right and under no circumstances will we allow ourselves to be compromised by taking the cheap and easy way out. We are investing in practical solutions to address current needs and strive to create a better future.

We lead a path forward with a strong sense of hope and prosecute an immensely positive vision for the future; we are enacting the plans, not just talking.

Kokoon is a business focussed on making a profit and does not believe in employing charity to achieve our goals.

Our business philosophy is to engage all of our stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation. In creating such value, our company serves not only its shareholders, but all of its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and wider society. Kokoon focuses the varied interests of all stakeholders through a shared commitment to policy direction and makes decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of the company.