The Company

KOKOON will be the major game-changer in the field of medical treatment and client care that is needed right now. By viewing the patient as a whole being, with a complex web of unique interactions with their environment, and looking at emotional and mental health, their nutrition and overall fitness, skeletal strengths and weaknesses, dental health and hygiene, the connectedness of all these things, by observing the patterns, understanding the holistic principals, and treating each and every need at an individual and deeply empathetic level, KOKOON aims to be the number 1 medical service provider, delivering personalized care to every patient in the big picture of their uniquely personal experience of life.

With access to the best and most trusted surgeons and doctors of all derivations available in the business globally, and fundamentally trusting and respecting the peer review process of scientific endeavor and discovery, KOKOON aims to participate actively in research and development of new treatments and medicines, whilst also wholeheartedly embracing the ‘wellness’ concept in that it’s a hugely positive part of the larger paradigm of personal health.

The combined knowledge of key players in KOKOON, importantly in elite sports and nutrition, can help open avenues for our clients to unlock their peak performance, to utilize their naturally imprinted resources, to chime in to their inner power that they know is there and perhaps have never tapped into much or ever, that energy that lies resting in all of us, KOKOON can help our clients understand and access their own power, and help them in their building their own firm foundation from where they can step up to their next peak performance level.

KOKOON, whilst perhaps being only the starting point for many, aims to help our clients realize and achieve their expanded version of themselves, and will assist the best to achieve their very best.

Kokoon' Vision

KOKOON GLOBAL INC was founded in Delaware.

The company's head office is in Beverly Hills, CA.

Driven to inspire and to lead by example, and living and breathing world’s best practice through transparency of management, procedural respect and operational integrity, KOKOON’s mission is to become the most trusted and revered player in the Medical Tourism sector, operating the world’s first combined 7 Star Luxury Modern Surgical Center and 7 Star Luxury Hotel Complex, operating 100% on green energy from day 1.

KOKOON LA ALDEA will be nestled amongst the most beautiful hillside in La Aldea de San Nicolás, with spectacular and unimpeded views over the ocean across the south western coast of Gran Canaria, Spain.

This psycho-off-the-charts, ultra-hi-tech facility, will have the best of the very best of everything, with fully client-focused respectful care throughout all operational procedures and rehabilitation built into our ethos at the core, and with almost infinitely tailorable environments achievable through artistically sensitive use of aural, visual and other sensory technologies, we will create spaces that nurture and comfort our clientele individually through every stage of their experience with us.

KOKOON will produce all it’s own solar power in abundance, desalinate seawater efficiently to satisfy all it’s requirements and then some, and, combined with multiple environmentally and ecologically positive projects, we aim to have a net positive effect on reducing global carbon emissions. Additionally, through our powerful position in relation to influencing packaging and other inputs to our supply chains, we aim to achieve a 99% plastic free environment from day 1.

KOKOON LA ALDEA will be beyond comparison on every measurable level, and we absolutely intend to maintain that status far far into the future.

In our very DNA is written the code of responsible business operation. Fundamentally, our approach to the whole paradigm of operating our facility is focussed on the client, much more than shareholder dividends, which will perform stupendously anyway. To be the best player, at whatever cost it takes, KOKOON will do it right, and under no circumstances will we ever allow our status as the best to be compromised by taking the cheap and easy way out.

Bold as that may sound, on a bigger scale KOKOON strives to tackle global issues facing the world right now, and play a major part in creating a better future for all by inventing and investing in practical solutions to address current problems utilizing available technologies. KOKOON will lead with a sense of hope and prosecute a strong and immensely positive vision for our collective future, enact the plans, show a way forward, set an example, help provide context for our lives, consistently emphasizing our connectedness to each other, and our wonderful mother, our planet, Earth.

We plan to join forces with other active positive thinkers, from all walks of life, including government, NGO’s and other institutions, and work together to achieve these goals, encouraging everyone to strive to make the most of what we have at our disposal right now, and to be the very best version of ourselves.

KOKOON´s key investors have intriguingly varied backgrounds and professional expertise, yet they all firmly support this vision; to create a one-stop destination to access the very best doctors, services and facilities, to do it right and sustainably, to satisfy every patient need, and do the whole thing in a respectful way with community at the forefront, a business and operational model that can easily transport to all businesses the world over as we move forward together.

KOKOON aims to inspire in our staff and in our guests, the very same standards of leadership, honor and respect to which we ourselves aspire.