Driven to inspire, and to lead by example utilising worlds best practice, KOKOONS mission is to be consistently number one in every endeavour we undertake.

KOKOON is the company that assists the best to achieve their very best, and intends to bring the whole world along for the ride.

The centrepiece of KOKOON being a 7+ star luxury resort in Gran Canaria Spain, in close proximity to the USA and Europe, slick and connected, whose purpose is to provide comfort and nurturing, G8 level security and privacy, where our elite clientele feel understood, respected and appreciated, and like they are finally safe and home.

A holistic Hospital staffed by the best in their field, with unrivalled medical capabilities, the most advanced, cutting-edge technology available on the planet, and including Stem Cell therapy, robotic surgery, and aged care facilities based on respect and honour of the individual.

A comprehensive sports, training, fitness, injury recovery and nutritional program targeting elite athletes worldwide in all major sports including soccer, tennis, cricket, horse and auto racing, and boxing to name but a few.

An entertainment division focussed on the artist and intellectual property creation and ownership, encompassing music recording, production and performance, theatre productions, and complete film and other media production including VR and other imaging, right from script to the screen.

A hub of arts and creativity to help give reflective meaning and context to our world.

An environment which is 100% green, 99% plastic free, and generates its own solar power, utilisers the most advanced transportation modes imaginable, promotes science, innovation, diversity and connectedness, has ethical and sustainable water and food production techniques, embraces the local community providing education, health and employment opportunities, an environment of minimal interference, maximum comfort and seamless amenity,  that combines the best technologies to make a giant leap forward so that living in the future is something we do now.

This is just the start of KOKOON.

Europe's First 7 star Luxury well being resort

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News Room